Jilluann Martin-Valliere
I tell stories with a camera, still photos and video. I always knew I would become a professional photographer. My earliest memories are of being surrounded by people in the public eye: professional athletes, celebrities and politicians watching photographers work. They inspired me to pick up a camera. My uncle was an NFL executive for many years. Along with working for the Los Angeles Times, he gave me my first big break in publishing which led me through many photographic darkrooms and locker rooms. Later in life I worked for the New York Post and was married to Baseball's Billy Martin who provided me a lot to photograph! 

Today I photograph people, music concerts and fast action sports with a spot light on the equestrian world. I'm the house photographer for Live Nation's Xfinity Center in Mansfield Ma  where it's "All About The Song!"

I enjoy working as the Staff Photographer for "Above the Rail" Equestrain Magazine distributed nationwide as well as providing other Equestrain publications regularly with my work.  

Quiet frankly I love what I do! I enjoy working with clients producing personalized books and social media needs for those who want that exceptional touch.!

Tim Lynch
I come from a long line of media professionals and some how knew I would work in media one day. Nineteen  years later, I have told many stories through every medium imaginable. My love of story telling keeps my passion in photography going. Every day there is a different story to tell and I love being the person who tells it.

Photo credit: Anne Hoover